How often during a week do you struggle to remember a fact, a person’s name or leave a space and wonder the next move? As we grow older, these memory lapses seem to become more prevalent. While we cannot turn back the clock, there are a few things you can master to improve your memory.

Concentrate. Whether it’s reading the newspaper, performing a task, or watching television, make sure to focus in on one particular action. When we get older our attention span becomes even shorter. Therefore, take that extra time to concentrate on one action at a time, and put aside all other distractions around you.

Get proper sleep. Getting the right amount of sleep is vital. If you fail to do so, it can negatively impact you both mentally and physically. Having a good night’s sleep will improve your brain function and keep the memory sharp.

Eat well. Similar to getting the right amount of sleep, eating well will nourish your body and brain. With the help of your physician or a dietician, establish a balanced diet. Unfortunately, many of the things we crave or like to eat are not good for you. That’s why it’s important to ask the advice of a professional and get a diet that is tailored to your specific needs or body type. Once you begin eating a healthier diet, your thought process will become clearer and memory will improve.

Keep the mind active. This is important, especially as we age. Partake in activities that keep the mind active. This can be as simple as having a daily conversation with your friend or caregiver. Do you enjoy watching a movie, doing a crossword puzzle, reading, or reminiscing? Why not try each day to memorize a list or a phrase? All of these activities can keep your mind moving and help you to better recall people, places, and things.

Exercise. You have heard it over and over: a healthy body, a healthy brain. If you have a habit of being sedentary, don’t be. Move your body. Make it a point each day to take a short walk. This can be down the hallway or outside to enjoy some fresh air. Keeping your body active will keep your brain active too.

Studies have shown that memory can be improved in older adults. However, if you suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, this may not be true. We know many aspects of the aging process can be challenging and lead to varying degrees of frustration. Don’t let these challenges and frustrations consume you. Take control and improve your brain and memory health – one step at a time.

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