O'Neill Healthcare Staff, Residents, and medical directors receiving COVID-19 vaccine.

Letter from John O’Neill, CEO, about the vaccine.

Welcome to 2021 everyone! While all 2020’s problems didn’t drop like the Time Square ball, there is a light at the end of a dark year. Throughout 2020, we’ve seen resilience and hope – the smiles and positivity of our residents, the dedication of our staff to support the residents and each other, and the new, innovative, life-saving Pfizer vaccine.

We recognize how special it is to be the first group in Ohio to receive the vaccine, something we don’t take lightly. Starting December 21st, we’ve worked with the Walgreens pharmacy team to administer the first of two doses to staff, residents, attending physicians, and nurse practitioners at all five of our facilities. In January, we will be administering the second shot of the vaccine, which brings the effective rate to 95% for participants. With every shot administered, we are creating a safer and pandemic-protected environment for our residents and invaluable staff.

As we move forward into 2021 with renewed optimism, I’d like to thank all the families for trusting us to take care of your loved ones. We greatly appreciate all the letters, care packages, notes, and window visits. I look forward to being together again, once it’s safe.

John T O’Neill

How O’Neill Healthcare is addressing the Covid-19 Pandemic

 At O’Neill Healthcare, our facilities are exercising an abundance of caution and taking every step possible to protect our residents and staff. Safety is our number one priority and we follow guidance from the Ohio Department of Health (ODH), local Departments of Health as well as The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). As the Covid-19 pandemic evolves, we are updating our actions, as necessary.


Our practices have shown that appropriate use of PPE, screening of staff, frequent monitoring of residents’ health, and testing of everyone has kept our Facilities relatively Covid-19 free and healthy.


Although our doors have been closed to visitors, O’Neill Healthcare has welcomed new admissions into our skilled nursing, assisted living, and memory support facilities with care and compassion. Please call (440) 808-5500 to find out more information, set up a virtual tour or schedule a visit with a loved one. 


Vaccine Rollout Information

As of December 11th, the U.S. Food and Drug Administrator (FDA) has approved the Emergency use authorization of the Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine. Walgreens has been selected by O’Neill Healthcare as our partner to help administer this vaccine efficiently. We have created a document to help answer initial question you might have regarding this vaccine.

Getting vaccinated for Covid-19 is crucial for the well-being of our staff, residents, and their families. We are confident that this vaccine is the first vital step in putting an end to the Covid-19 pandemic and sincerely urge all who are eligible to have the vaccine administered as soon as possible. To promote vaccine acceptance, we have created a short Q&A video with our one of our Medical Directors, Dr. Wolf. Watch as Dr. Wolf and David O’Neill, Director of Operations, answers questions from the O’Neill Healthcare staff about the Covid-19 Vaccine. 

Below are the current number of COVID Cases at O’Neill Healthcare as of 01/21/2021


Facility Bay Village Fairview Park Lakewood North Olmsted North Ridgeville
# of Staff            Covid-19 Cases 0 0 0 4 0
# of Resident    Covid-19 Cases 2 0 0 1 0
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q: Does O’Neill Healthcare have an adequate supply of PPE.
A: Yes, we remain confident that the new and existing vendors we work with will be able to provide us with the appropriate PPE to keep our residents and staff safe. Our supply rooms are stocked!

Q: Is staff continually educated on limiting Covid-19 in our facilities and in their personal lives?
A: Yes, we provide routine mandatory in-servicing on each new policy and procedure established during the pandemic. Long standing policies, such as infection control and standard precautions, are reviewed at that time. We perform audits at our facilities to ensure that our policies, such as frequent hand washing and proper glove etiquette, are being followed. Non-medical masks are provided to our staff to wear when making essential trips outside their home. We continue to update our education material as our knowledge of the virus expands.

Q: What additional cleaning measure has O’Neill Healthcare taken since the beginning of the Covid-19 Pandemic?
A: Since the beginning of April, O’Neill Healthcare has been partnering with new vendors to allow us to keep an adequate supply of PPE and cleaning chemicals. We added a new disinfectant that requires less of a dwell time (the time it takes to be effective) when cleaning surfaces and high touch areas. We have increased frequency of cleaning surfaces with disinfectants that kill Covid-19.

Q: How can I support the residents at O’Neill Healthcare?
A: Writing a letter to the residents, calling them on the phone, window visitors or scheduling a video chat with our Activities Departments are great ways to support our residents. We love hearing from you and cannot wait to see you! The CDC released a guide on how to support your loved one a Long-Term care facility and O’Neill Healthcare can support the types of communications listed. 

Q: How often do staff at O’Neill Healthcare get tested for Covid-19.
A: O’Neill Healthcare staff is tested twice a week, at a minimum, in accordance with guidance from the CDC and the Ohio Department of Health. Updated 11/17/2020

Q: How do you ensure that staff are not sick.
A: Our staff has been thoroughly educated on stopping the spread of Covid-19, the easiest way to stop the spread is to stay home while sick, wash your hands and wear a mask at all times. Our staff and caregivers are screened at the beginning of every shift to stop potentially sick staff from spreading the virus.

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