Governor Mike DeWine got it wrong. During his 3/25/21 press conference, he presented a list of facilities that did not participate in the Vaccine Maintenance Program. He erroneously included three of O’Neill Healthcare’s Assisted Living facilities: North Ridgeville, Bay Village, and Lakewood. 

O’Neill Healthcare was honored to be among the first nursing homes and assisted living facilities to receive the COVID-19 vaccine in December 2020. The Federal program provided vaccines that local pharmacies administered. A high percentage of staff and residents received the vaccine. At our four assisted living communities, almost 100% of residents received the vaccine. At our six nursing homes, close to 90% of residents received the vaccine. Initial staff participation was over 75% across the company and continues to grow.

After the initial vaccine clinics finished, we requested more vaccines to protect any unvaccinated residents and staff. When Governor DeWine announced the State Vaccine Maintenance program, all six of our facilities joined. Some are already administering vaccines through this program. 

Today, nursing homes and assisted living facilities have become one of the safest places to receive care. We continue to be overly cautious by testing staff for COVID-19 twice a week. O’Neill Healthcare offered the vaccine to our physician partners before they could get it anywhere else.

Due to the success of our vaccine clinics, group dining and activities have resumed. Visitors are welcomed back inside to visit with their loved ones and vaccinated residents can hug their loved ones.

Governor DeWine claims that we wouldn’t do everything possible to protect our residents. In March 2020, nursing homes and assisted living facilities were the first to restrict access, wear PPE, and heavily sanitize. For over a year, we’ve done everything we can to protect our residents, and we will continue to be proactive.

Governor DeWine need not be “at the end of his rope.” We are open to discuss vaccine availability at O’Neill Healthcare.

If there are any questions or comments, please call David O’Neill at 440-387-5500.

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