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At the end of January, O’Neill Healthcare Lakewood hosted a lunch and learn in our assisted living community, focusing on the importance of safe winter driving. Esteemed speakers from Fairview General Hospital spoke on how to drive safely in winter weather road conditions as well as the best practices to stay prepared and warm in the cold weather which Ohio so often experiences.

The Fairview General Trauma team first touched on safeguarding oneself against the biting cold of winter, emphasizing preventive measures against frostbite and the preservation of warmth. They explained what to do if you think you have frostnip or frostbite. Their advice was to get indoors immediately and to remove any cold weather gear. Next, they explained it was important to remove any jewelry near the infected area, because these would not be easy to remove after rewarming the area. They explained to next put on dry warm clothing, and place affected skin in warm water, not hot water. Lastly, they said that loose blankets and light heat can also help heal the area infected by the cold.

Among the driving safety tips shared, they cautioned against the use of cruise control in wintry conditions, advocating for one’s full control over the vehicle. They also shared that it is important to avoid coming to a complete stop when driving up hills to lower the risk of skidding off road or into adjacent lanes. In instances of severely compromised visibility, they advocated pulling off to the side or to a safe location and waiting until conditions improved. The trauma team also shared helpful insight on snow removal. They further shared tips of snow removal, emphasizing the imperative of avoiding overexertion, recognizing symptoms of cardiac distress, and promptly calling emergency assistance if needed. Notably, they mentioned the importance of seeking medical clearance before engaging in shoveling activities for individuals with a history of heart disease. Overall, they exclaimed that staying home is the best option if possible and waiting out any winter storm or whiteout.

The event was completed with a delicious lunch provided by O’Neill Healthcare Lakewood’s kitchen. Guests enjoyed a build your own pasta bar, salad, and a brownie dessert. For more information on our upcoming lunch and learns and events at O’Neill Healthcare call (440) 808-5500 or visit ONeillHC.com/events.

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